Acceleration Feedback
Belt Drive Fundamentals
Bifilar Pendulum
Brushed DC Motor System myRIO
Brushed DC Motor System Studio Notes
Brushed DC Motor System
Classical Control Top Ten List
Control System Design An Introduction
Control System Performance Specifications
Design Process
Digital Logic Circuits
Dynamic System Response
Enginering System Investigation Process
First-Order Process with Time Delay
Fluid Power System Fundamentals
Fluid Power System Investigation Case Study
Fluid Power Systems & Control Introduction
Fluid Power Systems Energy Efficiency
Forming and Evaluating
Frequency Response Analysis and Design
Fundamental Design Principles
Fuzzy Logic Control
Gear Leadscrew Note
Hard Disk Drive Case Study
Hard Disk Drive Presentation
Introduction to Control Systems
Introduction to Hydraulics
Introduction to MatLab
Introduction to Simulink
Inverted Pendulum Notes Part 1
Inverted Pendulum Notes Part 2
Kane vs Lagrange Example
Lagrange’s Equations
Loading Effects
Magnetic Levitation System
Magnetic System Fundamentals
Maxwell’s Equations
Mechanical Loading Problem
Mechanical System Design for Mechatronics
Mechatronic Motion Systems
Mechatronics Introductory Case Study
Model-Based Motor Selection
Modeling Engineering Systems
Modeling of Compliance
Modeling Transmission Lines
Motion System Classes
Motion System Compliance
Observers in Control Systems
Op Amp Example Problems with Solutions
Overhead Crane Equations of Motion Derivation
Physical Modeling Mechanical
Plantary Gear Inverted Pendulum Equation of Motion Derivation
Pneumatic Inverted Pendulum Case Study
Poles and Zeros
Rigid Body Dynamics
Root Locus Analysis and Design
Rotary Inverted Pendulum
Schmitt Trigger
Sensor Fusion
SISO Tool Exercise #1
SISO Tool Exercise #2
Slider Crank Motion Eqs Derivation
Solenoid Modeling Notes
Some Key Fundamentals of Classical Control
Spring Pendulum Dynamic System Investigation with Simulink and SimMechanics
Stability of Feedback Control Systems
State Space Design
Step Motor Modeling
Step Motor Selection Example
Step Motor System Design
Step Motors Introduction
System Inputs – Modeling – Time and Frequency Domains
Tuning Controllers and Industrial Controllers
Understanding and Concepting KCC
Valve-Controlled Hydraulic System Presentation